Every 20 seconds there is a home invasion in the United States. If you own a gun and keep it for protection, it needs to be accessible at a moments notice, in the event you have to defend your home and family. Hopefully you’ll never be faced with that scenario, but if you are, you need to be “SIMPLY READY”.

The Simply Ready installs in minutes and is Simply Ready when you need it.  This application is unique in the fact that you can install and conceal in your closet or cabinet, behind the night stand or dresser, anywhere that you need immediate access to your firearm.

We all want to protect our family and homes and Simply Ready keeps your protection within reach. No keys, no palm pads, no combination locks.   Simply Ready is well…… Simply Ready and concealed.

ALL parts (except screws) are manufactured in the USA. Small, Concealed, and Accessible!

Install and simply be ready to protect you and yours.